The wind blowing north-east – Bura

Our beautiful Dalmatian bora…
For all those who do not know – it’s the wind blowing north-east. The Kastela Gulf passes through Klis hill doors.

In Split, Kastela and Trogir she comes from Kozjak and Mosor hills. Bora cleans everything in front of her. Both sky and sea. Sky gets  a turquoise blue color, with a little white clouds. The sea is  tight and foamy. Visibility improves. From the Kozjak peaks you can see the islands of Šolta, Brac, Hvar, Vis and even the coast of Italy.

Bora is strong girl. She blowes on the intervals. The story says that bora around noon has to go to lunch. Then her strength decreases. At night she comes back and strengthens again. Fishermen and sailors find safety in front of her in harbor and ports. Nobody wants to find her on the road. If she reaches the hurricane power she rubs  the olive trees, breaks old pines, throwing roofing tiles from the houses.

Still, everyone loves bora because she is pure and gives everyone a portion of their energy.

Without bora, Dalmatian prosciutto would not have the strong and tasty flavor they are widely known for.

Women want to wash the laundry on bora, because it is fastest and best way  to dry it.

Men are waiting for a bora to overtake wine. Namely, its purity and coldness protect wine from damage due to air congestion.

With the smell of freshness from Kozjak and the warmth of the sun by the coast of Dalmatia – bora is the Queen of the roses of winds of the Adriatic.

Author: Ivana Mirčić


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