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Safari tour to the Dalmatian hinterland

4 hours
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private tour
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min 3 people


Total: 80

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Safari tour to the Dalmatian hinterland



Departure from Kaštela, Split , Trogir 16:00-16:30h (or on request) 
Departure from the guest accommodation address.
Arrival at Biblical Garden 16:45h 
A visit to the natural sights of Kaštela. A place where Croats have been living since the seventh century. Visit to the church from the 11th century, with a garden that has a collection of almost all the plants mentioned in the Bible, including an olive tree donated and dedicated by Pope John Paul II.
Arrival in ethno village Škopljanci 18:00h 
Visit the ethno village preserved and restored in an authentic way as it was 150-200 years ago. A visit to the collection of artwork and everyday supplies of Dalmatian people throughout history. You can also try the old “Balote” game on the playground for over 120 years old. Visiting this place will bring you back to a time and customs when people did not have electricity, internet or cell phones, and yet they did all their daily activities and enjoyed their free time.
Arrival to Malačka (Mountain Lodge) - sightseeing 18:45h 
Visit location from which you will get the true dimension of Split, Kaštela, Trogir and the islands. During clear days, the view will almost reach the coast of Italy.
Tasting of Dalmatian wine, cheese and prosciutto 19:15h 
You will have the opportunity to taste authentic Dalmatian hinterland products: Drniški prosciutto, Lećevački cheese and autochthonous varieties of white or red wine.
Arrival at Putalj Mountain Lodge – sightseeing 20:30h 
A visit to a mountain lodge on the eastern side of Kozjak mountain, over 600 meters above sea level with an unforgettable, romantic sunset view over the Bay of Kaštela.
Arrival at destination 21:00h 
Return to the guest accommodation.
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Minimum group of 3 people to organize excursions. Special off-road vehicles with professional drivers are used on the trip. Off-road roads give the impression of off-road driving and are appropriate for all age groups. Recommended use of clothing and footwear for outdoors. The excursion can be further configured with the included dinner, hiking skills course on a natural rock accompanied by guides, and other guests' wishes.

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